Custom cufflinks

custom cufflinks

Would you like to surprise your employees or business relations with stylish customized cufflinks with your company logo? Cufflinks4him provides personalised cufflinks in various ways.

Engraved Cufflinks

Cufflinks Lecce are suitable to be engraved with your logo. Dependening on your wishes we engrave cufflinks from 25 pieces. We kindly request you to provide us with your logo; we are happy to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Laser drilled cufflinks

Unlike diament drilled cufflinks (from 25 pieces), a laser defines the very finest details of a logo. Also you can choose among various cufflinks models.

Minimum quantity: 50 pairs.

Stamped cufflinks

Stamped cufflinks can be designed in diverse shapes, in 1 colour.

  • Minimum quantity: 50 pairs.

Stamped + enameled cufflinks

Would you like to finish your cufflinks with diverse colours? With enamel we supply the stamped cufflinks with the colours you choose.

  • Minimum quantity: 50 pairs.

Printed cufflinks with epoxy coating

Even the finest logo with many colours can be used for this method. For example a colour photo. The cufflinks will be finished with a shiny rock-hard synthetic material.

  • Minimum quantity: 50 pairs.

Stamped, enameled cufflinks with a epoxy coating

The stamped cufflinks will be filled in with colour and finished with a rock-hard synthetic material.

  • Minimum quantity: 50 pairs.

Fabric cufflinks with logo

During this procedure your logo is woven into the fabric, according to your wishes. Secondly, the fabric is processed in the cufflinks. You can choose between silk or polyster woven cufflinks.

  • Minimum quantity: 200 pairs.

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