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Have tie clips made

Are you interested in having tie clips made? Starting from 30 tie clips, it is already possible to have them completely custom-made!

Send us the logo of your company, association, political party, or family crest, for example. Perhaps you have your own design in mind? The possibilities are endless! Be it a tie pin with logo, a tie pin with a monogram or other personalised tie clips.

We will send you a no-obligation quote within 2 working hours. After approval, we can deliver your personalised tie clips within 4 to 6 weeks!

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1. Design

Are you looking for a specific design for your tie clips? Let us know your ideas and we will incorporate them into the design.

In general, there are 4 types of tie clips. There are soft enamelled tie clips. Here, the raised "outline" of the tie clips is filled with enamel, like a stained-glass window. With hard enamel tie clips, the tie clips are heated and polished to achieve a smooth surface. It is also possible to die-cut or engrave tie clips with a logo, and it is possible to apply an image to tie clips by means of doming. If you already have a tie clip of which you would like to have replicas made, this is of course also possible!

2. Sample

Besides a digital design, we can also produce a sample for you with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

3. Production

After approval of the digital design, or the sample, production will proceed.

4. Other possibilities

As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless. If, for example, you would like the tie clips to be gift-wrapped or packaged in a box, this is possible.

5. Projects

We are happy to show you examples of completed projects to inspire and demonstrate the possibilities with custom tie clips.

1. Soft enamel tie clips

Soft enamel tie clips are the most popular tie clips when making logo tie clips. They are made by casting enamel into a tie clip that serves as a mould. The raised edges of the mould are visible from the top. This gives the tie clips a nice classic look. The shape of the outline is determined in consultation and depends on the logo used.

Soft Enamel Tie Clips ShieldsSoft Enamel Tie Clips BusSoft Enamel Tie Clip Plane


2. Hard enamel tie clips

Unlike soft enameled tie clips, hard enameled tie clips have a smooth surface. In addition, the raised edges of the logo on the tie clips are less visible because the enamel is melted and polished. If you want luxury tie clips that have a smooth surface, this is the best choice. Hard enamel tie clips with logo are sometimes combined with printing techniques for fine details in the design.

Hard Enamel Tie Clips ONE UNSW     Hard Enamel Tie Clip Flag

3. Engraved or die-cut tie clips

If you want to achieve a discreet tie clip based on a metal tie clip, this is the best option. Using laser, metal can come to life with engraving, or a tie clip is punched out of a die (just like a coin). For a 2D tie clip without further colours, this is the best option.

Logo Tie Clip CISMLogo Tie Clip BreweryLogo Tie Clip Mat

4. Doming

A technique we use less often but can give a beautiful result is doming. This involves using a tie clip as a mould and applying an image to the underside. This image is covered with a transparent epoxy resin.

Doming Tie Clip JAA

5. Finishing

There are several finishes with which the metal parts of the tie clips can be finished:

  • Gold coloured
  • Silver coloured
  • Nickel-coloured
  • Brass-coloured
  • Copper-coloured
  • Pink gold coloured
  • Black

The standard finish is glossy but also possible is a:

  • Matt finish
  • Antique weathered finish
  • Brushed finish
Site was easy to navigate, good range of products, reasonably priced and easy to order. goods arrived promptly and all in order. Very happy and would recommend.
Carl Brookes
The boutonnieres have livened up my jackets a treat. Delivery from Holland was speedy. Very pleased with the service.
Wonderful product. Excellent quality and fast deliver. So excited.
Michael Stowe

Very satisfied with the service and product itself. 

Danny Arends
Excellent product and rapid delivery. One very happy customer. Thank you team!
Douglas Evans
Ordered a tie to wear to a friend\'s funeral. Arrived in 3 working days as stated. Lovely quality tie, thankyou.
Paul Wright

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