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How to fix cufflinks

A cufflink is a loose knot that can only be attached to a shirt with double cuffs. Also called a "French" cuff. Cuffs are like the hem of a shirt sleeve. The French cuff has no fixed buttons, but 4 buttonholes.

 How to fix cuff links

The correct order is to first put on your shirt and then attach your cufflinks. But if you are wearing cufflinks for the first time, test how the cufflinks are fastened. Fold the cuffs of your shirt to create a 'double cuff' and make sure the buttonhole openings are exactly lined up. Now you can easily fasten the cufflink. Unfortunately, your hand will no longer fit through the end of your sleeve. Now that you know how it works, take your buttons off first. Put on your shirt and fold your cuffs in half.

Before you can close the cuffs of your shirt with cufflinks you have to fold the cuffs. When you fold the cuffs, you fold the four buttonholes on top of each other to create two buttonholes. Now press the two buttonholes together. This creates a connection between the buttonholes. The cufflinks should be inserted through this. Turn or close the cufflinks, which will fasten the shirt cuffs together.

Because these cuffs always show a little bit under the sleeve of your jacket, dinner jacket or jumper, cufflinks are an ideal accessory to give a subtle and unique touch to your outfit.

A fixed button shirt is not suitable for wearing cufflinks. The cuffs of this type of shirt don't need to be folded either. These cuffs are also called "single cuff shirts".

There are several types of cufflinks, we've listed them here.

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